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Vela Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing therapeutic compounds for psychopharmacological use, specifically depression, eating disorders, sleep disorders, and anxiety. [Go!]

ExSAR Corporation has developed proprietary technology for the analysis of protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions to determine protein ligand footprinting for genome-wide, rapid low-cost informatics. [Go!]


MBF makes select investments in companies where it does not have a direct management role. MBF co-invests with other merchant banks and venture capital firms that have expertise in specific industries.

Lamar, Inc. An MBF affiliate invested in Lamar together with an investment group led by Knoll Capital Management. Lamar has developed software for omnidirectional microphones used in hearing aids, PC voice recognition equipment, and cellular phones. The valuation at the time of investment was $1.5 million. In April 1998, Andrea Electronics, Inc. (AMEX: AND) acquired Lamar for $48 million in common stock. [Go!]

eMotion, Inc, is the global leader in digital media management solutions. eMotion offers products and services for storing, searching, collaborating, and delivering media assets. MBF invested in Cinebase Software, Inc. which merged with Picture Network International, Ltd. to form eMotion in January of 2000. [Go!]

Network Specialists, Inc. is a company that develops, markets, and sells a wide range of software solutions to ensure data and network reliability and optimization. [Go!]

IQ Systems, Inc., is a company developing object-oriented software for the design of silicon chips for the embedded marketplace.

Network-1 Software & Technology, Inc. is a supplier of packet-filtering firewalls for Windows NT/2000, including technology-leading distributed host-resident security solutions for enterprise clients and servers. [Go!]

Syntonix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on the discovery and development of biopharmaceutical therapeutics and vaccines for human diseases. Syntonix's proprietary technology centers around the delivery of proteins, peptides, or other macromolecules across mucosal barriers via oral, nasal, or pulmonary administration. [Go!]

Gunther International, Inc. (NASDAQ: SORT) produces and sells high-speed document assembly systems incorporating their proprietary software. [Go!]

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