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our vision

MBF CAPITAL CORPORATION is an investment firm specializing in making private equity investments in technology-driven companies. MBF invests principally in early stage information technology (telecommunications equipment and services, networking equipment, software and semiconductors) and medical technology (biopharmaceutical, healthcare services, and drug discovery technology) companies. MBF invests in start-ups, provides growth capital, and executes turnarounds. MBF works intensively with its portfolio companies to build management teams, formulate operating and strategic plans, complete product development, increase sales volume, implement marketing plans, and execute financings and corporate partnering. We are the business mirror of the technology entrepreneur. MBF invests in companies with leading scientists and entrepreneurs to bring to market innovations from academic, government, and corporate research. We build a partnership between innovation and business development. Our mission is to convert technological innovations into positive cash flow and operating results.

our philosophy

Each year the number and quality of new technological discoveries increase. The amount of time and capital necessary to commercialize new technologies is decreasing. The availability of investment capital available continues to grow. Management with appropriate business skills relevant to technology is in a state of shortage. All of MBF's portfolio companies require more than capital, in fact, many of them would not be viable investments with capital alone. We are willing to "roll up our sleeves", build the operating and strategic plans, and put together a management team. Our objective is to transform technological breakthroughs into successful businesses.

We are interested in technological innovations in healthcare and information technologies that establish new paradigms as opposed to incremental advances. We have a particular interest in "platform" technologies. We look for technologies that in turn leverage other technologies, and thereby increase their value ranking in the technological food chain.

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